Parent Testimonials

I send my child to Missouri Valley Montessori School because...


"Just to let you know, I think the new summer program is GREAT!  My child loves all the classes that the teachers prepare!!!  Keep up the good work!!!  Have a great day!

"...We wanted to give our daughter the best start possible in her education. The Montessori environment has enhanced her abilities and accelerated the learning process. A Montessori education offers a well-rounded curriculum and encourages independence and the drive to learn. We couldn't be happier with the school and the staff."

 Troy & Debbie E.


"...I have witnessed the growth and development of my child. I have observed how the staff has tackled negative behavioral habits and reinforced the positive. The teachers and staff are excellent, and I am always confident that they are watching out for my child's needs and the pace at which she learns best. I highly recommend Missouri Valley Montessori as an outstanding program."

 Linda P.


"...Montessori educational practice helps my child develop creativity, problem solving, and social skills. They concentrate on overall development. Teachers at MVM are joyful, loving, and caring. They give personal attention to each child."

 Narasimhan & Sreevani K.


"...The students are exposed to diverse subjects and are introduced to concepts that many think they cannot understand--and yet they do. The school work is hands-on and the children learn by doing. I also like the idea that the older children, in a sense, mentor the younger children."

 Amy R.


"...Our children have received such awesome foundations in reading and math skills for first grade. We have selected MVM for our children's kindergarten experiences for this reason. We also feel our children have developed good leadership skills as they help and relate to their younger classmates."

 Jeanne & David S.


"...As an educator, I know having a solid educational foundation is critical to future academic success. MVM provides this foundation. ...Our children are excited about going to school every day. We are so thankful their first school experience has been so positive!"

 Robert & Tanya S.


"...We want the best possible educational foundation for our daughter. Missouri Valley Montessori School paves the path for lifelong learning and excitement in the eyes of children. What more could you want for your child!"

 David and Heidi A.