Practical Life

Order, independence, and concentration are the purposes of practical life. Children learn to care for themselves and for the environment. Activities in this area include pouring solids and liquids, spooning grains, buttoning, zipping, and caring for plants.


The sensorial area provides a wide variety of materials that isolate and develop the senses. The children also develop their mathematical mind by sorting, classifying, and learning problem-solving with geometric materials such as cubes, prisms, and cylinders.


Always working from concrete to abstract, children develop a solid foundation with numbers zero through nine. Through hands-on experiences, children are able to manipulate numbers ranging from zero to 9999.


In the Montessori environment, children focus on the sound a letter makes rather than the letter name. Sandpaper letters are used to teach these sounds. When all of the alphabet sounds are mastered, the child uses the movable alphabet to build words. Children are given intellectual materials to enhance their language and reading development.

Cultural Subjects

The lessons in cultural subjects expose the child to the world we live in. History, Geography, Botany, Zoology, and Spanish are part of our integrated curriculum.


This music and movement class is taught by a trained Kindermusic teacher who visit our classrooms once a week. The children enjoy various types of music, musical instruments, and body movements.


Basic Spanish vocabulary is taught, including topics such as numbers, colors, shapes, animals, body parts, foods, etc.